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Scotia Masters Sponsored 12 Hour Swim




Our Masters squad are sending a team to participate in a sponsored swim from 7pm on Saturday 13th August all the way through to 7am on the Sunday morning at Gourock OUTDOOR (yes OUTDOOR) Swimming Pool!  The team swimmers will be competing against others to try and:

  1. Swim the equivalent of the English Channel in the fastest time, and

  2. Swim the furthest distance within the 12 hours.

All funds will go directly into the club to help it continue to offer excellent swim coaching to swimmers aged 5 to 55++. Sponsorship can be made either by filling out sponsor form at the Scotia desk on Monday nights or you can sponsor them online by clicking on the following link:

All money donated will go directly into the club to help support and grow the club in the coming year.

Please help them help our club.


Where’s your cap?



What’s your Scotia cap been up to this summer?  It doesn’t have to have travelled any further than your own back garden, simply take a picture of your Scotia cap enjoying the weather, hiding from the sun (or the rain) or simply relaxing somewhere and you could win a brand new Scotia Club Sweatshirt with your name on the back.  All of the photographs will be shown on our website with the winner taking pride of place.  Each entry costs 50p and you can enter as many times as you want (we will collect the money from everyone’s entries after the school summer holidays).  Please make sure you are registered with our website and email your entries to us at  Here’s our coaches Lindsay and Connor with their caps on the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster on their holidays this year but yours don’t need to go as far – just use your imagination and see what fun your cap can have!

You can keep an eye on all the entries for the competition here.

Scotia DRP Swimmers


Huge congratulations go to Graham Baird, Ross Campbell and Ruairi McKinnon who are Scotia’s first Scottish Team bronze level members of the District Regional Programme, which is an initiative run by the Scottish Swimming Performance Team, this is yet another milestone in our swimmers achievements for Scotia ASC.  If you want to find out more information about the DRP have a look at the Scottish Swimming website.