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Notice of AGM


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Scotia ASC will be held at Bishopbriggs Community Church, 21 Park Avenue, Bishopbriggs, G64 2SN at 7.30pm on 21st of March 2019 for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions: –

1. To approve an application to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (“OSCR”) for incorporation of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation to be called “Scotia Amateur Swimming Club” (“SCIO”) with the constitution substantially in the form circulated with this resolution (“the Constitution”);

2. To authorise the management committee of the Club to liaise with OSCR and to make all appropriate amendments to the Constitution as they, in their sole discretion think fit as may be required to incorporate the SCIO;

3. Once the SCIO has been entered on the Scottish Charity Register by OSCR, to transfer the existing assets and liabilities of the Club to the new SCIO forthwith and without the need for any further resolution of the members.

4. To give discretion and authority to the committee to reduce and/or waive monthly subscription and other costs and fees for any member in receipt of benefits or on low income.

There are several committee and club roles needing filled therefore we require more people on the committee as Ordinary Members and as part of our Management Team. The committee are all volunteers and with your help we can share the workload of our growing club so if you are interested in becoming a committee member or would be interested in helping the committee in any way then please speak to a committee member or drop me an email. We can talk you through what is involved; it does require a little bit of time, but the more people we have on board the smoother the Club will run.

If anyone wishes to propose a person worthy of receiving Life Membership, please send me the details as soon as possible so the current committee can discuss this.

We request all Adult members (swimmers over the age of 16 years) to attend; for those under 16 years we request parent members to attend on their behalf and Life members are also invited to attend. This is a big year for our Club; this is your chance to help shape our direction and it lets us, the committee and coaches know we have your support.

Kindest regards

Joyce Watchorn
Scotia ASC Club Secretary