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Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs

Junior Dolphins

We are a competitive swimming club that aims to promote and manage teaching, knowledge and practice of speed swimming. It is a non-profit organisation that is run by parent volunteers who seek to coordinate the club activities. The Junior Dolphin coaches have accredited swimming instructor qualifications and coach on a voluntary basis. Scotia ASC consists of different swimming squads that children progress through as they meet the various criteria.

The Junior Dolphins section of the club provides opportunities for children to develop their swimming strokes’ technique prior to being invited to join Scotia competitive squad. To be accepted into Junior Dolphins the children need to demonstrate basic ability in the majority of strokes. Entry assessments are carried out by our head coach and she makes the decision if the child is able to be accommodated within the club structure at that time (therefore a child may be able to fulfill the criteria but may not be offered a space if there are no spaces at the child’s current swimming level).

There are 3 tanks within Junior Dolphins that the children progress through. The sessions are Sunday 6.30-7.10pm Wednesday 6.30-7.10pm both at the Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs. Junior Dolphins generally runs in 10 week blocks and stops over the holidays. Download the current seasons calendar  below.

Children starting Junior Dolphins do not need to purchase any specialised swimming equipment all they need is appropriate swimwear and a pair of goggles. Children will be provided with a swimming cap on joining the club. Replacement caps can be purchased from the Junior Dolphins Administrator for £5.

Squad Coaches

Claire Beattie, Andrew Hunter, Lindsay Hunter, Kyle Shanahan

Assistant Coaches

Chris Garry, Sarah Gill, Becky Dott

Squad Goals

Tank 1

  • Perform push and glide on front
  • Perform push and glide on back
  • Hold a floating position on front and back for 5secs
  • Kick unaided on front for 2 widths
  • Kick 2 widths on front with a board demonstrating breathing to the side
  • Kick unaided for 2 widths on back with hands by side
  • Swim 2 widths of front crawl maintaining technique
  • Swim 2 widths back crawl maintaining technique
  • Swim 1 width of breaststroke kick
  • Swim 1 width of butterfly kick
  • Perform a sitting dive
  • Swim through 2 hoops submerged in the water 1m apart from each other

Tank 2

  • Push and glide underwater on front and back, holding streamline position for 2-3m
  • Demonstrate front crawl arm action with a high elbow, quiet hand entry & stretch on arm pull
  • Demonstrate bilateral breathing on front crawl leaving half of face in water
  • Demonstrate a thumb exit and pinkie entry at 11 and 1 O’clock on back crawl
  • Demonstrate a strong body position on back crawl
  • Demonstrate a ‘round’ breaststroke arm pull
  • Demonstrate correct timing of breathing on breast
  • Kick in a streamlined position on front for 4 widths
  • Kick in a streamlined position on back for 2 widths
  • Kick 6 widths on front with board
  • Kick 6 widths on back with hands at side
  • Kick 2 widths butterfly showing a continuous kick
  • Swim 1 width butterfly showing understanding of arm pull
  • Show basic understanding of a standing dive
  • Tread water for 30 seconds using egg beater or breast kick
  • Perform a somersault – bottom going over head

Tank 3

  • Demonstrate a correct breaststroke start
  • Kick in a streamlined position on front for 50m
  • Kick in a streamlined position on back for 50m
  • Able to swim 8x25m front crawl breathing bilaterally and maintain technique and pace throughout
  • Able to swim 4x25m back crawl maintaining pace, strong body position and kick
  • Able to swim 4x25m breaststroke with correct timing, a round arm pull and finishing the kick with feet together and a 2 sec glide
  • Able to kick 25m butterfly with hands at side keeping legs together
  • Perform a standing dive with a 2m streamline kick before first stroke
  • Demonstrate a back crawl tumble turn with a streamlined push off the wall
  • Demonstrate a front crawl tumble turn with a streamlined push off the wall
  • Demonstrate breathing pattern of 2 on butterfly
  • Able to scull 25m on back – head first

Junior Dolphins

Training dates can be found by downloading the relevant calendar:

Junior Dolphins Calendar 2018 – 2019 

Junior Dolphins  Calendar 2019 – 2020

18.30 – 19.15
18.30 – 19.15


More information can be found here.

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