Amateur Swimming Club

Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs

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Appeal for Committee Members

Like many voluntary organisations, our swimming club has a committee and a set of coaches who volunteer and give up their time freely to assist with the running of the club for the betterment of your children. Over the last few years our club has grown significantly as has the workload both on and off poolside.

We urgently need help on the committee whose functions include booking all our pool lets, balancing the club finances, purchasing of equipment, club administration, swimming competition entries and fundraising to name but a few. We are only a small team and need your help to keep us afloat.

We are all volunteers, your fees only cover the running costs of the club, please don’t assume someone else will do it as the more people who help the easier it is for all.

If you are interested in helping us out an any way or have any queries please feel free to talk to any committee member or contact us using the link above.

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