Amateur Swimming Club

Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs

How To : Treasurer


Input info from bank statements and to excel spreadsheet and do bank reconciliation. will show payments for monthly fees, swim shop and competitions

Ask Membership Secretary and Secretary for details of any cheques they have written

Pay EDLC (Leisuredrome and Kirkintilloch)

Pay Coaches expenses and any other invoices/ requests from committee

I have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of swimmers payments, but I don’t know if this will still be necessary with the reports we have from…possibly run both for a few months and see if it’s still required.


The Meet Secretary will email you when the entry file has been created. They will attach a link to the competition paperwork. Just follow instructions on this paperwork (some allow you to pay directly into the bank and email the paperwork, others still want you to post hard copies along with the cheque) Log on to and get the no of male/ female swimmers and coaches passes required. You need to complete the Health & Safety Declaration too.

Ad Hoc

When new swimmers join Scotia we need to send a cheque to register them at SASA…at the minute the membership secretary does this (they will have a cheque book and will email you when they use a cheque)