Amateur Swimming Club

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Guide to Using the Swim Portal

Each swimmer has a swim portal through which they can

  • register as a member of the club
  • enter meets
  • pay for meets
  • see their personal best times
  • Volunteer for Meets


When you initially join the club you will need to register online.  You will be sent an email with a link to a website which guides you through the registration process. You will have to pay for your SASA membership fees, as well as West District fees before becoming a member. Your monthly squad fees will be split up over the remainder of the swimmer year (April 1st – March 31st) . Please note that all transactions through the portal are subject to a 2.95% processing fee. During this process you will have to create a password to allow you to access your swimmers Swim Portal and you will receive a link to the Portal login page.  I suggest that you bookmark the login webpage.  If you forget this, don’t worry: it is

Meet Entries

The coaches decide which swim meets each squad will attend.  Once they have decided on a meet, our Meet Secretary will email the whole club to notify you that this meet has been added to your swim portal and that you should choose which meets you wish to enter.  There will be a closing date.  Late entries cannot be accommodated.  If the meet does not appear on your portal it will be because your swimmer does not have eligible times for this meet. IF you think there is an issue, or that you are missing swims that should be on your portal, please contact our Meet Secretary at

To Enter a Meet via the Portal

  1. Login to your Swim Portal
  2. Click on ‘View Meets’
  3. Find the meet you would like to enter
  4. Beside your child’s name click ‘Attending’
  5. The eligible events will appear- click the left hand box beside the events you would like to enter
  7. If you then alter your swims, you need to click ‘Save’ after any change you make

Scratches and Alternate Swims

Entering a swim at a meet does not mean that your swimmer will get that swim.  If a meet is oversubscribed, some swimmers (usually the slower ones) will get scratched from one or more events (i.e. will not get a swim). Quite often the organisers will make a couple of swimmers ‘alternates’ (ALT).  This means that if a swimmer drops out of an event, the ‘alternate’ swimmer will automatically be entered in to that event.  Information about acceptances to a meet is usually emailed out to you about 2 weeks before the date of the meet.


Payment for meets will be taken after the meet has already taken place.  Please pay these online with a credit card and please note that this is provided by a financial institution that has the same security as a bank (hence why we pay them 2.95% of any fee).  If you ask the site to remember your card details, meet fees will be taken off automatically.  Please note that you will be sent an email every time a fee is taken from your card.


Refunds are done online and will be credited to the card you used to pay for the entries.  You will be refunded the whole entry fee but not the 2.95% administration fee.

You will be refunded for

  1. Scratched swims
  2. ‘Alternate’ swims which the organising club was not able to offer to a swimmer

You will not be refunded for

  1. ‘Alternate’ swims which the organising club was able to offer to a swimmer, even if the swimmer does not swim in the event
  2. Withdrawals from events which you make after the M&B has sent the entry file to the organising club
  3. Meets or swims which you have entered but are unable to attend even if it is due to illness/ injury

Attending a meet

Swim meets are made up of sessions.  Sessions usually last 3 hours each and there are usually two sessions per day.  If it is a one day meet the sessions will be 1 (usually Saturday morning), 2 (Saturday afternoon), 3 (Sunday morning) and 4 (Sunday afternoon).  Each race is called an event and each event is made up of several heats.  The events are numbered depending upon which session they are in.  Event 101 will be the first event in the first session, event 206 will be the 6th event in the second session- I am sure you get the idea.  When attending a meet, check which session your swimmer is in and check the start times.  No matter what event your swimmer is racing, turn up at least half an hour before the warmup– this is usually 1 hour before the events start.  If your swimmer is not there for the warmup, the chances are that they will be withdrawn from the session to allow the ‘alternates’ to swim.


Problems with Portal

If you are having problems with the Portal, please email the Meet Secretary at