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Hi all

Scotia needs your help. It won’t take you much time and certainly doesn’t cost anything.

All we need you to do is to vote for our fundraising project using the link below. We are trying to raise funds for many things that will contribute to the advancement of the club swimmers.

Our fundraising project has been accepted by Aviva. If we get the highest number of votes we will receive funding from them which we are in dire need of.

All you need to do is follow the link below and register your vote. It would also be REALLY helpful if you got your friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, church friends, drinking buddies to do the same.

If you have any questions relating to it please get in touch with me.

Thanking you in advance for your help with this and ensuring the continued development of Scotia ASC

Kind Regards

Joyce Watchorn
Scotia ASC Club Secretary


Scotia Swim Shop Closed Monday 16th Oct


The shop will be closed Monday 16th October as it is a school holiday but will be open on Monday 23rd October instead.  Training is on as normal.

Sunday 17th September Evening Training


Remember Sunday 17th September training has been moved to Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre for one week only, usual training times for all apart from Masters, see below:

Jr Dolphins: 18:30 – 19:10
Dolphins: 19:15 – 20:00
Swordfish: 19:15 – 20:00
Masters: 20:00 – 21:00


Monday night Swim Shop


Please note the Swim Shop will now be open the first and third Monday of every month rather than every week.  If you require anything from the shop at any other time please speak to Grace Gill who is usually in the viewing gallery when A-Squad are swimming or, of course, speak to any of our committee members who will put you in touch with her.

Named Swimming Caps New Order


Hi there

We are thinking of putting an order in for Scotia swimming caps with swimmers names on. We need a minimum of 50 to get an order. They are priced £8.50.

To get them in time for Xmas can you please either email or go to the shop and place your order. We need the money up front please.

Do not give the money to the coaches. Either hand it to the shop or to Grace or one of the other committee members.

The order has to be placed and paid for by the 25th of September. We won’t be accepting orders after this date.

Kind Regards

Joyce Watchorn
Scotia ASC Club Secretary

Shop Closed Mon 21st Aug


The shop will not be open tonight.  If anyone needs swim caps etc please speak to Grace Gill who is often found in the viewing gallery.

Stirling LC Training Times 2017/2018


Stirling Swimming Academy
NOTE: These sessions will be offered to a select number of swimmers from A-Squad, Sharks  and possibly Swordfish; this selection will be at the coaches’ discretion and will vary each session depending on a number of factors including; training requirements of individual swimmers, upcoming competitions, attendance levels and general attitude to training.
Sunday 10th September 7am – 9am
Sunday 8th October 7am – 9am
Sunday 19th November 7am – 9am
Sunday 3rd December 7am – 9am

Sunday 7th January 7am – 9am
Sunday 11th February 7am – 9am
Sunday 4th March 7am – 9am
Sunday 25th March 7am – 9am
Sunday 29th April 7am – 9am
Sunday 17th June 7am – 9am

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