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Scotia Mobile Phone Statement

Posted on: 14th May 2017 | Posted by: Alison Hunter

Dear Scotia swimmers, parents, guardians and coaches, 

Mobile phones should not be used in the changing, shower and toilet areas during training sessions or events. Personal privacy is paramount. Please read the Scottish Swimming Child Protection Policy and procedures regarding use of mobile phones, section 7 on the link below. Following this I ask you to please print and sign the form Appendix 12. Signed forms can be handed to the Scotia desk or myself, they will be kept with the Scotia ASC Safe In Care Form. 

If it is possible I would suggest mobile phones be kept out of these area. A mobile phone is the sole responsibility of the individual carrying or using it, the consequences of misuse and accusations of inappropriate use will be dealt with in accordance with Scottish Swimming Child Protection policy (Section 7).

Section 7 ‘Photography and Video’ – Scottish Swimming Child Protection Policy. 

Appendix 12  ‘Acceptable use of mobile phone policy’ – Scottish Swimming Child Protection Policy.


Laura Shields, Scotia ASC CPO.