Squad Structure

At Scotia ASC we have 6 squads. Swimmers are placed in squads based on a number of criteria including technique, ability & age. The Squad structure is a follows (please click on the button for more detail)

Junior Dolphins - Our entry level squad for swimmers who have or are reaching the end of the EDLC Learn to Swim programme or equivalent. Typically this squad is aimed at swimmers who are 10 years or under. Swimmers are expected to swim at least 25 metres in 3 strokes

Dolphins - A squad to further improve a sound technique in all strokes and is looking to engage more in local competitions such as mini or foundation level competitions. Typically this squad is made up of swimmers aged 7-11 years old.

Swordfish - At this point a sound technique has been developed. Swordfish increases the swimmers endurance and gives them the confidence to compete in a variety of competitions in all strokes. Typically this squad is made up of swimmers aged 10-13 years old.

Sharks - Our Sharks squad improves the swimmers endurance further and works on advanced technique and includes land work to improve core body strength. Swimmers in our Sharks squad are competing at a West District level. Typically this squad is made up of swimmers aged 12-16 years old.

A-Squad - Our top level squad in aimed at older swimmers who aim to compete at West District, National and international level. Also Includes land work to improve core body strength. Typically this squad is made up of swimmers aged 14-18 years old.

Masters - A squad for adult swimmers. Our masters swimmers train for a number of reasons from keeping fit to competiting in Masters competitions. For anyone aged 18 or over. (Note we do not have courses for teaching adults to swim. Please contact EDLC.)


All squad sessions are coached by at least one coach who has attained at least a level 1 SASA coaching qualification. Most of our sessions (especially in the lower squads) have more than one coach attending each session. Our coaches  as of April 14th are:

  • Jonny Sprot - Jonny joined Scotia ASC as Head Coach in 2020 from  Ren96 Swim Team. As well as heading up the coaching team Jonny principally looks after A-Squad and Masters.

  • Doug Nelson, Finlay Whyte, Caitlin Chan - Sharks

  • Wendy Davies, Erin Connor, Fraser Baird, Euan McGowan, Amelie Haak, Keisha Mccormack - Swordfish

  • Derek Millar, Jenni Nelson - Dolphins. 

         Debbie Crawford, Jill Penman, Jonny Sprot, Alyssa Martin - Extension Pod Dolphins

  • Debbie Crawford, Finlay Whyte, Jill Penman, Gordon Christie  - Junior Dolphins

In addition to the above we have a number of current A-Squad swimming coaches and poolside helpers who love to help out in coaching our younger squads.