Junior Dolphins

Overview & Objectives

Junior Dolphins is all about FINE-tuning our swimming techniques in all FOUR strokes, which helps us to swim FASTER, get FITTER and obviously have FUN! 

It is the early development squad which provides a bridge for swimmers looking to progress from a 'learn to swim' programme to a competitive environment.

Swimmers will practise all four strokes and also learn newer skills such as diving from the blocks, beginning tumble turns and underwater skills.  They are encouraged to participate in fun competitions from an early age to help them enjoy competing in an informal situation.  

Swimmers are typically between the ages of 6-10 and they train twice a week for 45 minutes.  Contrary to popular belief…. swimming is not all about getting up at the crack of dawn!  Junior dolphins training sessions are on Wednesday and Sunday evenings (and none of our squads currently train early in the morning more than once a week!).  

The squad is made up of four lanes in the 25m pool, and usually has a coach supervising each lane to provide constant feedback and encouragement throughout the session. This also allows the coaching team to tailor sets for each lane individually to suit the needs of swimmers as required.  Junior dolphins enjoy taking part in timed events and some swimmers may be invited to participate in the annual Clyde Coast Mini League Competition.  

Entry into Junior Dolphins is subject to a trial which is held when spaces are available. If you’re interested in having a trial with us, go to the contact us page, let us know and we will add you to the waiting list for our next trial.  

Children starting Junior Dolphins are asked to bring their own kickboard.  A Scotia branded cap will be provided for free upon joining the club, and further caps can also be purchased.

Kit Required

Standard kit for swimmers is:

  • Appropriate swimwear i.e. jammers (not baggy shorts) or a one-piece swimming costume
  • Training goggles that do not cover the nose
  • A swimming cap
  • A spare cap and a spare pair of goggles 
  • A kickboard
  • Additional training aids will be provided by the club

Squad Coaches

Debbie Crawford, Alyssa Martin and Finlay Whyte.

Squad Trainning Times

For Junior Dolphins training times please click here