Overview & Objectives

To continue to hone technique in all strokes by providing specific drills relating to the swimmers' areas for improvment.  

To increase stamina so that the correct technique can be maintained over longer distances (at least 100m).

To further devlop race techniques, including extended underwaters from both a dive and after a turn.

To ensure swimmers can effectivley contribute to a team and perform relay dives.  

To encourage swimmers to continue to attend a range of competiions to challenge and showcase their abilities.  

To give swimmers the tools required to start to evaluate their own swimming and set targets for their continued development.  


Kit Required

Standard kit for swimmers is:

  • Training goggles (and spare)

  • A swimming cap (and spare)

  • Kickboard

  • Pullbuoy

  • Fins

  • Water Bottle

  • Snorkel 

Squad Coaches

Leona Bruce, Wendy Davies, Erin Connor, Fraser Baird and Euan McGowan.  

Training Sessions

For Sharks training times please click here.