Overview & Objectives

Further develop aerobic capacity, efficient technique and skills on all strokes in preparation for competing at West District and National Championships.

  • Continue the development of water skills in a wide range of aquatic activities,

  • Enhance techniques to an efficient level for all competitive events [including starts, turns and finishes],

  • Further enhance the ability of flexibility and stretching skills,

  • Develop land work exercises that improve core body strength,

  • Continue basic speed development over short distances and introduce some anaerobic training,

  • Continue interval training as a method of improving aerobic capacity with variable effort and pacing,

  • Improve on personal monitoring [heart rate, stroke count, log book],

  • Develop mental skills [goal setting, confidence]

Kit Required

Standard kit for swimmers is:

  • Training goggles (and spare)

  • A swimming cap (and spare)

  • Kickboard

  • Pullbuoy

  • Fins

  • Water Bottle

  • Snorkel 

  • Finger Paddles (optional)

Squad Coaches

Jonny Sprot

Training Sessions

For A-Squad training times please click here.